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60s Nostalgia

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60s NostalgiaTravel back to the greatest decade of music ever. Songs you haven't heard for a while or maybe never before. Tune in and be surprised.


All Shook Up

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All Shook Up70s music provides the beat, Parkinsons the shake.


Back Porch Bluegrass

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Back Porch BluegrassPresented by Paul Trenwith member of The Hamilton Country Bluegrass Band. Broadcast on Arrow FM every Monday at 7.00pm



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CABTalkFor anyone needing assistance on matters legal, financial or practical. We provide advice or just point you in the right direction. Highlighting the services provided by The Citizens Advice Bureau


Canal Español

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Canal EspañolA show in Spanish, with information about the life, culture and history of Spain and Argentina.


Childsy & Persico Rugby & Sports Show

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Childsy & Persico Rugby & Sports ShowJoin Childsy and Persico for a roundup of this weeks local sports action.


Conversations at King Street

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Conversations at King StreetConversations at King Street enabling through art


CrossWay Sunday Worship

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CrossWay Sunday WorshipChurch Services to replace restricted communal gatherings


Democracy Now

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Democracy NowThe War and Peace report. An independent global news programme from the USA.


Doing it in the Dirt

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Doing it in the DirtAn award-winning programme looking at all things Speedway! Featuring weekly interviews with various personnel from around New Zealand, and hosted by Chris and Stu!



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Factum-AgriFactual, informative with human interest focused on New Zealand agriculture, business and aviation.


Fighting Stigma

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Fighting Stigma talking about the stigma and discrimination faced by people who have personal experiences of mental unwellness.


Friday Night Blues

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Friday Night BluesDiscover the only local show dedicated to the wonderful world of blues; from old to new, slow to fast.


Friends of Marilyn

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Friends of MarilynA programme hosted by Cat Pausé looking at Fat identity and Fat activism in NZ and Globally. Broadcast on Arrow FM every Wednesday at 7.00pm


Good Morning Asia

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Good Morning AsiaConnecting with Asian communities and promoting Asian cultures.



More about Hawaikirangi

Hawaikirangi That little piece of heaven/paradise we know and call home.


Headscarves and Good Yarns

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Headscarves and Good YarnsHeadscarves and Good Yarns is all about celebrating the differences we have in our community.


Indian Show

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Indian ShowManmit Singh Sodhi presents a programme focused on Hindi and Punjabi culture!



More about Insights

Insightsa melting pot of creativity and musical excellence.


Inspirational Communities

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Inspirational CommunitiesRepresenting our diverse communities.


Jalsa Fiji Radio

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Jalsa Fiji RadioIt's time to party on Christchurch's only Fiji Indian radio programme!


Lets Get Digital

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Lets Get DigitalComputing Advice and Tales from Digital Seniors.


Lighthouse Church

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Lighthouse ChurchChurch Services to replace restricted communal gatherings


Live Wires

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Live WiresLive Wires fizzes, pops and crackles with youthful talent and enthusiasm. Students present their own variety programmes live from the classroom.


Living Well With MS

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Living Well With MS Strategies for living with MS


MMP - Move Mingle and Play

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MMP - Move Mingle and PlayWhat to do and where to go, Wairarapa wide.


My Life In Art

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My Life In ArtEach week, a guest describes the role of the arts in their life—the books, the films, the music, and more.


Neville Rides The Boundaries

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Neville Rides The BoundariesNeville is a retired farmer who is still passionate about all things rural.



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OndazzuraNews and events from Italian-speakers in New Zealand and from around the world. Broadcast on Arrow FM every Monday at 8.15pm


One Off

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One OffSpecial features not connected to regular programmes.


Our Library

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Our LibraryWhat's new at the amazing Masterton library



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PaakiwahaAn exciting weekly two hour current affairs programme, hosted by Willie Jackson and featuring topical national kaupapa from a Māori perspective.


Pick 'n' Mix

Pick 'n' MixA lucky dip of thought-provoking documentary or alternative music.



More about ReCooper8

ReCooper8What's happening and exciting on the arts scene in South Wairarapa, with dynamic interviews, interplay and interaction. We're into music, too.


Resettled Radio

More about Resettled Radio

Resettled Radio The Auckland Resettlement Community Coalition explores the issues of resettling after migration as a refugee. Personal stories, expert advice, directions and support.


Retrospect '60s Garage Punk Show

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Retrospect '60s Garage Punk Show60s garage rock, garage punk, proto-punk, freakbeat & psychedelia - hosted by Phil Grey


Rotary Matters

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Rotary MattersShowcasing Rotary's activities in the community and further afield.


Samoan Community Radio

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Samoan Community RadioNews, music and topical discussion from the Samoan community.



More about Sheldopedia

Sheldopedia Streaming with facts, teeming with opinions, and teaming up with the odd guest.


Simply Organics

More about Simply Organics

Simply OrganicsInspiring you to create and nurture a passion for a simple organic lifestyle.


Tama Niue Plus

More about Tama Niue Plus

Tama Niue PlusTama Niue Plus, otherwise known as the Rock of Polynesia, encourages and supports strong traditional Polynesian culture.


Te waa Whanau

More about Te waa Whanau

Te waa WhanauLet’s promote Pause the Pokies and make time for Whanau.


The Book Lovers Corner

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The Book Lovers Corner The joys of reading, and the love of books.


The Bridge Zone

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The Bridge ZoneThe Bridge Zone is a radio show and podcast encouraging fellow Bridge players to share the passion that Barry Jones and Mereana Cullen have in playing this challenging game.


The Eclectic Hour

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The Eclectic HourInsights across the musical spectrum.


The Gospel Miracle Hour

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The Gospel Miracle HourCompassion and guidance for those that are hurting


The Night Sky

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The Night SkyWhat's above us in space and time. The wonders of our magnificent night sky, from antiquity to the very latest science and news.


The Political Pulse

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The Political Pulselocal and national politics in Aotearoa


The Road To Recovery & Freedom

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The Road To Recovery & FreedomStories about travels around the world mixed with the story of one man's journey back from depression.


This Way Out

More about This Way Out

This Way OutThe international lesbian & gay radio magazine.


Town and Country Aotearoa

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Town and Country AotearoaA scatter-gunned sampling of recordings so diverse you're unlikely to ever hear any particular song twice.


Tribal Nations

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Tribal NationsSupporting the disenfranchised and those suffering illness, neglect, deprivation, abuse and addiction.


Voices Of Aroha

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Voices Of Arohadiverse community voices and perspectives.


What’s Up Down South

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What’s Up Down South Keeping up with South Wairarapa


Wheels On Fire

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Wheels On FireA rubber-burning wheelie through the highs and lows of living with disability.



More about Wings

WingsWomen's International News Gathering Service


Women's Health & Fitness

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Women's Health & FitnessKeeping the body and mind tuned for the modern woman. Exercise, eating & cooking, attitude and application.


Wraparound Wairarapa

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Wraparound Wairarapa Supporting positive mental wellbeing, healthy families and connected communities.


Wrestling Roundup

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Wrestling RoundupA radio show about wrestling.


WTV Test Show

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WTV Test ShowTest show please ignore me