The Power Show

The Power Show

The Power Show

Programme Information

The Power Show is an insight into the students of the Supported Learning Centre of Wairarapa College through the eyes of Glen Karaitiana. Glen’s musical and cultural passions will be evident on the show, and each week Glen will bring you news and interviews from the amazing people at the Centre, the school and the wider world. Glen will take song requests to play on the show, and also play you tracks from his favourite artists.

About Me

Hi I’m Glenn Karaitiana. I am a Wairarapa College Prefect and Student. I am a rôle model at school, as a prefect and a keen learner at the Centre.

I love making friends, and I will miss ecverybody when I leave. This is my last year of college and then I’m off into the big wide world. I will miss my best friends Josh, Ben, Paddy, Klaudia, Nic ,Trystan  and the teacher aides at school.

My favourite musical artists are Meghan Trainor, Lauren Michelle Jauregui,Charlie Puth  and ALLY Brooke Hernandez.

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