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The Ultimate Afternoon Show

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The Ultimate Afternoon Show

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Stan and Lochy are an unusual combination for a radio show, given that one of them is a dog and therefore very limited in conversation. All the more reason then to be intrigued by this duo and tune into their The Ultimate Afternoon Show programme.

Belying his wheelchair status, Stan is passionate about sport, in particular local competition. His show aims to keep listeners up to date with what is happening on the sports fields locally, with a little bit of national sports news thrown in for good measure.

Ticking several boxes, The Ultimate Afternoon Show also includes one of Stan’s other great passions - gardening. As the seasons change, so too will Stan’s eye-brow raising tips for do’s and don’ts in your backyard.

About Us

Stan is a Year-11 student at Makoura College, with Lochy his mobility assistance dog. The pair are together 24/7, so even though the beautiful golden retriever is the quiet one in this double act, he is an integral part of the team.