Te Kaiwaewae Korero

Te Kaiwaewae Korero
  • Presenter(s):
    Kaea with Gloria, Rarauia and Te Ahureia Co-hosts
  • Show Times:
    Sundays 5.30pm repeated Wednesday 5.00pm
  • TV Broadcast Times:
    Sundays @ 8pm
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Programme Sponsor

Te Kaiwaewae Korero is proudly sponsored by Tahumakakanuimatua O Tutura Iwi Trust.

Tahumakakanuimatua O Tutura Iwi Trust

Te Kaiwaewae Korero

Programme Information

Nauharamai ki Te Kaiwaewae Korero. Welcome to Te Kaiwaewae Korero, messenger of the Tahumakakanuimatua iwi/iwinuitonu supertribal entity. The show with all the news, views and lowdown on what’s happening in Tahumakakanuimatua nationwide. All in our traditional reo of course, as is usual with the Tahumakakanuimatua. We do add a short 5-10 min segment with a summary in English, to give you the gist of what is being said.

As our show is in our reo tuturu or traditional reo, it is full-on te ao kohatu and is the reo of the most senior lineages - all of Tahumakakanuimatua  - of our rohe. Of our Tahumakakanuimatua land regions also nationwide.

So enjoy the works of the next generation of indigenous native speakers of the reo of our regions, as we continue the legacies that have gone before us and bring you all the korero you need to know us and what we are all about today.

Tehewa! Tehewaiamauriora!

About us

Brought to you by Kaea Matiaha Te Arikimatua Te Arohatai Te Rangipuataata (of the arikimataura of Tahumakakanuimatua) and also Gloria Waikare, Rarauia Te Arohatai Waikare and Te Ahureia Matiaha Te Arohatai Te Rangipuataata all of the most senior of Tahumakakanuimatua - of Tuturatetama - and all of the arikimataura whanau of our iwi.

Carrying on also from the work of the late Marcia Matiaha who is credited with the return of the reo to Wairarapa ki Tararua via her Tahumakakanuimatua, Awa and Te Ati Awa roots and connections to Wairarapa ki Tararua where this show is based.

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