The Good Life or Living the Dream

The Good Life or Living the Dream
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    Margaret Crawford and Marnie Rutherford
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    3rd Friday of each month at 2.30pm and repeated the following Sunday at 11am
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    Mondays @5pm, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays @ 12pm, Fridays @ 5pm, Saturdays @ 1pm
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The Good Life or Living the Dream

Programme Information

TGL is devoted to those of us who have moved to the country and/or who are thinking of moving to a lifestyle block. The title ‘lifestyler’ is applied to a huge range of individuals, both young and old, including those who are trying to make a full-time living from small-scale agricultural production, those for whom lifestyle is purely a hobby, and those who’ve made a lifestyle choice without financial constraints. This series covers topics such as choosing a block that suits you, accommodation, crops, livestock, alternative energy etc. We talk to people living their dream, dreaming about living their dream and experts on all the above topics.

Join us for some laughter and a glass of rhubarb wine to help you through all those minor slip-ups and major disasters, and remember the sun does shine occasionally. So here’s to The Good Life and living that dream.

About Us

Margaret Crawford was born and raised in South Africa before immigrating to New Zealand. Her academic training related to the social sciences and education but none referred to living off the land, so it has been a dream to take control over what we eat and produce for ourselves. Today her husband (referred to  as The Worker) and Margaret (aka The Manager) live on a small but productive lifestyle block in Carterton, which he works on while she supervises. Formerly city folks, they were influenced in the 1970s by John Seymour’s book Self-sufficiency, and their first foray into lifestyle living was a small farm in the winelands of Southern Africa. If one had romantic thoughts it could have been “I once had a farm in Africa” but in reality it was disastrous. It was after they had come to New Zealand and settled in the Wairarapa that they were able to venture once more into the wonderful idyll of living on a lifestyle and attempting self-sufficiency again.

Marnie Rutherford moved to New Zealand in 2004 to realise a long held dream to run a small lifestyle block where she could keep sheep and a few cows, have some chickens and enjoy the rural kiwi way of life. Currently developing a second property after downsizing, she still keeps and breeds sheep and chooks but has now also been adopted by a cat.

Marnie divides her time between renovating the old house, developing a veggie garden, planting an orchard, repairing dilapidated fences and working for a living to help pay for it all. In her spare time, she writes short stories about her experiences on her lifestyle block for the local newspaper; in 2017, she published a book of smallholder stories, and is also the coordinator for the local lifestyle block interest group the Wairarapa Smallholders.


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