• Presenter(s):
    Illya McLellan
  • Show Times:
    Saturdays 10.30am
  • TV Broadcast Times:
    12pm Saturday and Monday 12pm & 11pm
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Programme Information

Illya (your host) chats to people he has met over the years as a journalist, and also to his interesting family, friends and acquaintances.  
He also chats to himself, which he hopes people don't find too disconcerting. 
There’s music, occasionally live, with an array of engaging and thought provoking topics. 

About Me

Illya McLellan was born across the ditch in the generally balmy climes of Perth, Western Australia, to a South Island Scots father and North Island Maori mother.  

He was relocated to NZ from Melbourne at age two and a half, and ended up spending his youth in Flaxmere after briefly living in Havelock North and Hastings. 

A writer for most of his life, he has worked as a journalist, a boat builder, window cleaner, honey extractor, bicycle courier and a construction labourer. 

After moving to Wairarapa in early 2016 from Melbourne he has grown to love the place and the people that call it home. 

Illya hopes you tune in and enjoy the show. 


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