• Presenter(s):
    Steve, Eunice, Marilyn, Graeme, Lucy and Alan.
  • Show Times:
    Tuesdays 3.00 – 3.30pm
  • TV Broadcast Times:
    Live Tuesdays @ 3pm
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Programme Information

Our programme’s objective is to share with you things we have read that have moved us, delighted us, puzzled us, challenged us and maybe even angered us and we hope we have intrigued you enough to go and explore these writings yourself.  The programme’s co-hosts will discuss the pieces that have been read, exploring each one in more depth.

About Us

There are six of us: Steve, Eunice, Marilyn, Graeme, Lucy and Alan. Some of us are retired, others not so much.  We’re from many different walks of life and various ages, but we share a love of the written word in all its many guises.  We all read extensively, and our wide range of interests covers the whole literary spectrum. 

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