Global Warning

Global Warning
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    Mike Osborne
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    Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays 6pm
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Global Warning

Programme Information

We’ll be exploring where we are now, the expected impacts and, most importantly, what you can do. We’ll be talking to experts from a wide range of sources, local people, young people and people off the street. We’ll be recording interviews at the Climate Change Information Centre (a temporary popup shop) next to Iberia on Queen St, Masterton.


How did we get to where we are now with regards to climate change?

The potential for greenhouse gases to warm the planet, the “Greenhouse Effect”, was first described by Fourier in 1824. Politically, up until the 1980s there was general agreement that global warming was an issue that needed to be dealt with. Exxon’s own scientists reported to their management that continued use of fossil fuels would lead to an increase in global temperature and subsequent floods, droughts and extreme weather events. 

Things took a twist when the big fossil fuel companies realised that initiatives to curb emissions would impact their businesses. This was the start of a major disinformation campaign to create doubt in the mind of the ordinary citizen about climate science. It has been an extraordinarily successful ongoing campaign that has stymied effective legitimate action to address the problem.

We are now at a point where extreme, urgent action is required given the thirty plus years of stalling and inaction.

 About Us

The programme is brought to you by a bunch of concerned individuals in loose association with groups - Wairarapa Schools Fighting Climate Change, Extinction Rebellion Wairarapa, WaiWaste, Sustainable Wairarapa, Volunteering Wairarapa, Resilient Carterton, Living Economies and others.