Inspirational Communities

Inspirational Communities
  • Presenter(s):
    Kim Siemonek
  • Show Times:
    Second Monday at 10am of each month with repeat the following Sunday at 1pm and Monday 10am
  • TV Broadcast Times:
    Sundays 6pm, Tuesdays 7pm
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Inspirational Communities

Programme Information

Introducing cultural groups from within our community that maintain diverse connections through youth groups, church, sport, and schools and colleges. We celebrate how these groups share their cultures with the wider community and examine what gives them strength in their new country.  Inspirational Communities encourages discussion about the effects of the global pandemic on their particular communities and learn how they are able to cope with Covid-19, health, mental health, isolation and well-being projects, to enable their community to stay socially connected. The aim is for all cultures to support and understand each other through family, business and jobs. And of course, their association with this programme.

About the Wairarapa Women’s Centre

The Wairarapa Women’s Centre works to empower women so that they may in turn empower their families and communities.

The Wairarapa Women’s Centre organises events and programmes of life skills, including crafts of cross-stitch & 5D Diamond Pictures, stained glass, and icing nights.  We also offer opportunities to improve your body and mind with meditation and tai chi.

The Wairarapa Women’s Centre supports families through advocacy, referrals and collaborating with other organisations and by being a drop-off point for:

  • Winter Jackets
  • Clothing for children
  • Dress for Success

About The Host

Our host is our Centre Coordinator, Kim Siemonek, who has a passion for our community. Kim enjoys working on events and fundraising. The Centre is proud of Kim, who has a can-do-attitude, and is willing to contribute through cooking, icing, crafts and computer training.  She epitomises the importance of giving back to the community through volunteer opportunities.

Our TV audience should note that on the programme Kim wears outfits provided by Dress for Success.  Check out Wairarapa Women’s Centre and Dress for Success Facebook to be able to vote and have your say on the outfits worn each month.

Video / TV

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