Te waa Whanau

Te waa Whanau

Te waa Whanau

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Gambling is a hidden addiction in our community. We (New Zealanders) are spending more than 2 billion a year and 5.7 million a day in gambling nationwide. Problem gambling imposes personal costs on individuals, families and society e.g. unsustainable debt, relationship breakdowns, loss of one’s job, unproductivity, anxiety, depression, gambling related crime etcetera. The majority of people presenting to the Salvation Army Oasis service are experiencing harm related to pokie machines. The Salvation Army Oasis supports the sinking lid policy because it would be effective in reducing harm from gambling by reducing the availability of high risk gambling opportunities in the district.

Let’s promote Pause the Pokies and make time for Whanau.

About me

I am a ‘Public health worker’ at The Salvation Army- Oasis, Gambling Service. I hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health. I have a medical background as I have completed ‘Bachelor in Medicine & Surgery’ and currently pursued my career as a Public Health Worker. I was grown up in beautiful city of Nepal called- Pokhara.  I can speak different languages like Chinese, Hindi, Punjabi, Dutch, Nepali & English. I have a strong enthusiasm in improving the Public Health Service in New Zealand. I have been involved in ‘PHA’ Wellington branch since 2015 & am a present co-chair of it.

I have known the bitter truth of the gambling scenario in New Zealand which does not look good and shows our concerns for where we New Zealanders are heading.  Thus, I have joined the Oasis to promote gambling harm awareness in our community.

You can contact me anytime if you need help for gambling addiction. It is a free service to everyone in our community.

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