Living Well With MS

Living Well With MS
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    Shona Daubé
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    First Monday of the month at 3pm
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Living Well With MS

Programme Information

There are people in our community and further afield, who have the knowledge that people with MS and other chronic health conditions need, to live well and be able to make the most of life. They can give us these “helpful hints.” They may be experts, people with MS, family and friends and people who care for those dealing with the effects of this illness.

Our experts can advise about diet, mental health and well- being, MS in the workplace, assistive technology, safety and security, budgeting and financial entitlements and much much more. Others share their personal insights and stories gained from first-hand experience.

About Me

My name is Shona Daubé, and I am the Multiple Sclerosis fieldworker for the Wairarapa. Some of you may have heard me before on Matt Wills’ wonderful programme “Wheels on Fire.” As a person with MS myself, I am passionate about living well, with MS and other chronic health conditions.  I believe to live life to the fullest we all need strategies and skills to help us.

If you have suggestions on topics or people I should interview, or you wish to know more about MS; please feel free to contact me:  or (06) 3786913


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