St John Youth Masterton Radio Show

St John Youth Masterton Radio Show
  • Presenter(s):
    St John cadets
  • Show Times:
    Monday 16th Dec at 4pm and 7pm repeat Tuesday 17th Dec at 5pm

St John Youth Masterton Radio Show Podcasts

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St John Youth Masterton Radio Show

Programme Information

Listeners will be entertained with a range of songs and be informed about what St John is and how it operates here in the Wairarapa.  Interviews include our out-going District Cadet of the Year (Hayden Tankersly) and the Divisional manager and assistant manager, Catherine Trass and Richard Wallis. There are useful first aid tips and you'll also hear from the cadets themselves about why they joined St John.

The Media Studies badge is part of the Grand Prior programme that all cadets work towards. It is one of approximately 32 badges cadets can earn on their journey towards their Grand Prior. The curriculum document describes the badge as "Technology now is being used for more and more things, every device now has the capability of taking photos and recording videos. It is important that cadets should take advantage of these features and do so in a safe way. Cadets are also now being exposed to media from a huge range of sources, and they should understand which of these sources are accurate and how they can produce their own media on various sources. Cadets will learn to take photos and videos and how to manipulate this media to improve upon it. They will also learn to use social media in a constructive way and how to do so safely."  

Part of the Media Studies badge requires cadets to plan and create a media product.  Masterton St John Youth wanted to make a radio show as they saw this as an opportunity to share what they love about St John.

About Me

  • The Masterton division consists of 16 cadets ranging in age from our green level cadets (8 to 10 year olds), Blue level cadets (11 -12 year olds) and our Gold level cadets (13-18 years old).  All cadets come from different schools and have come to St John for various reasons such as a desire to know more First aid or wanting to make new friends. Some come as a result of family tradition and others come for the fun and different skills and knowledge St John has to offer them.

The Masterton youth division meets on Tuesday nights at the Wairarapa Sports House on the corner of Chapel and Jackson Streets from 7pm to 8:30pm. 


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