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    Wednesdays at 10am
  • Phone: 06 377 0078


Programme Information

The Citizens Advice Bureau has a saying... "YOU TALK – WE LISTEN"
In CABTalk, we talk, you listen. We discuss matters which affect people in their daily lives, and our programme features guest speakers who can provide information about their specialised services. We have access to a wide range of information and services, and we are committed to providing a caring service to all members of the community. It can be as simple as helping someone find their nearest play-group or how to apply for a rates subsidy, right through to supporting someone through a dispute process. CABTalk aims to highlight issues that the volunteers at the Citizens Advice Bureau deal with in the local community, solving the multiple issues that crop up in our lives. No question is too big or too small

About Us

Westley and Moira both serve as volunteers at the Citizens Advice Bureau and they are passionate about helping others manage the many issues and problems that occur in their lives. One day they thought it would be a great idea to increase public awareness of what the CAB offers, by presenting this regular programme on Arrow FM. There are many other volunteers at the Citizens Advice Bureau, which is located at 43 Perry Street Masterton, and is open Mon – Fri from  9.00am until 3.30. You may also call for free confidential advice on or 0800 367 222.

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