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Namaste, Ni hao, Sat Sri Akaal & Salam! Welcome to Good Morning Asia. No Doubt, New Zealand is a beautiful multi-cultural land made up of Māori, European, Chinese, Indian, Samoan, Filipino people and has people of many more ethnicities living here. The main aim of this programme is to connect with Asian communities (students, refugees & other migrants) and to promote Asian cultures. It will not only help to integrate & settle migrants smoothly in New Zealand, but also provide information of multi-cultural values. We connect with all communities in NZ and share Asia’s interesting facts, music and cultural values. According to research, New Zealanders value a strong multicultural society, with 89% agreeing that it is a good thing for society to be made up of people from different races, religions and cultures.

A very-warm welcome to anyone who would like to contribute to the programme and share their ideas and stories. Let’s promote multi-culturalism and share beautiful moments, values & identity with each other.

He whānau kotahi tātou! He whānau kotahi tātou! He whānau kotahi tātou

About Me

My name is Ramil Adhikari and I am a Nepalese New Zealander. I can speak Chinese (mainland), Hindi, Punjabi & Nepalese and also English. I would be happy to welcome any other Asian language speakers to join with me on Good Morning Asia.

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