• Presenter(s):
    Kaea Matiaha and Hawaikirangi
  • Show Times:
    Thursday 3.30pm and repeated Friday 10.30pm
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Programme Information

Hawaikirangi is that little piece of heaven/paradise we know and call home.

This programme is about the work, pursuits and challenges of the 13 piece, Christian influenced, Tahumakakanuimatua of Te Tai Hauauru Aukati-founded reggae band Hawaikirangi.  The show involves live performances by musicians of the band in each show, sometimes using total immersion tuturu Tahumakakanuimatua reo in their songs. They perform Christian numbers sometimes, love songs and their own reggae dance stylings.

They hope to inspire other musicians to think outside the square and bring fresh angles, innovation, creativity and greater inspiration to their music, as they work hard to achieve their goals in the industry.

Keep a lookout on the show for interviews, tours, gig information and snippets/video material – lots of the stuff musicians in the industry get up to or just can't avoid, as it’s all part of the journey!

Usually, only four at a time will take you through shows with a fun, and upbeat style that will epitomise the band, its style and music. However, there will be occasions when the entire 13 piece will break out in the studio for a onetime on-location for y’all too yo!  Lol.  So be there to catch those ones!

About Us

Hawaikirangi is from the Tahumakakanuimatua Hapu Supertribe which stretches from Te Reinga to Southland, but in particular the Western Division or Te Tai Hauauru Aukati branch of the hapu.  In the west, and spreading fast through the entire 250,000+ of the hapu, they have become strongly influenced by the Christian faith.

We are Kaea Matiaha Te Arohatai Te Rangipuataata  (leading bandmember/lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Rarauia Te Arohatai Waikare (vocalist/instrumentalist), Wairau Hohipa (vocalist/instrumentalist), Steve (guitarist), Neilos (bass), Perry (percussionist/instrumentalist/vocalist), Shane (drummer), Brad (keyboardist) and a whole host of others, including rappers, brass sections, instrumentalists and backing vocalists. 

Hawaikirangi would love for you to join them on the journey too!

Mauriora na ki a tatau!!  Mauriora na Kaea Matiaha Te Arohatai Te Rangipuataata!!


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