My Life In Art

My Life In Art
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    Guy Somerset
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    Wednesdays 8.00pm & Repeated Saturdays 10pm
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My Life In Art

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What records/books/TV were in your house growing up? What was the first record you bought? And the last you streamed? What was the first work of art to capture your imagination? What form of art, work of art or artist just doesn’t do it for you? Who’s your favourite actor? Who do you find unwatchable? Which writers do you never miss? What are you reading at the moment? Tell us something people might find surprising about you—an unlikely interest, a guilty pleasure or a gaping omission.

Each week, presenter Guy Somerset asks these and other questions of Wairarapa personalities, visiting musicians, writers and artists, figures from the wider region and other notable New Zealanders. Through their answers, we build a picture of their life in art—all accompanied by selections from the music that has soundtracked it.

About Me

Guy Somerset moved to Masterton in early 2020. He was an arts and features journalist for more than 20 years in London, Sydney and Wellington. He is a former books and culture editor of the New Zealand Listener, books editor of The Dominion Post and editor of the New Zealand Festival’s ARTicle Magazine. He has also written for The Spinoff, Metro and New Zealand Books. However, his proudest journalistic moments remain a 1990s interview with the Wiggles for Studio Bambini and a long, boring article about the CD in Australian Playboy.

Guy’s own life in art began in Cambridgeshire, England, where he was born in 1965 and was soon filching albums and racy novels off his older brother. He has lived in New Zealand since 2001.