Books You Will Want To Keep

Books You Will Want To Keep
  • Presenter(s):
    Deborah and Brenda
  • Show Times:
    Thursdays 12noon

Books You Will Want To Keep

Programme Info

Deborah and Brenda chat about the Martinborough Bookshop, the highlights of working with books and talking with customers (there are never any low times in a bookshop!), and why they both love books.

Keeping it light-hearted (because books should always be fun) they share with listeners recommendations about new releases and sometimes re-issues of old favourites.

Fiction, history, military, biography, New Zealand, art, home and garden, poetry, cuisine, children’s, teenagers and young adults – Brenda and Deborah can’t resist packing the shop with every genre and love matching books with customers – and hearing feedback from readers about their favourite reads and what they believe makes a great book.

Books are our friends and you want to keep them.

About Us

I’m the owner, I’m Deborah Coddington, and I’ve spent my entire career involved in writing, journalism and publishing, beginning in 1971 when I left school and trained at Wellington Polytechnic Journalism School. I opened the Martinborough Bookshop in May 2019.

Luckily for me, along came Brenda Gale shortly after I opened, and she asked for a job. Brenda worked at London Bookshops so she taught me heaps about the nitty gritty of running a bookshop. She’s also a former police officer so can order me around.