Born To Be Free

Born To Be Free

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Born To Be Free is proudly sponsored by WM Bosch.

Born To Be Free

Programme Information

Our programme’s objective is to reach out to the community and further afield to encourage everyone into a new and free life, directed by and encompassing the love of Jesus Christ. We have had many interesting interviews with people from ministries around New Zealand and visiting ministries from overseas.

We also bring onto the programme people who share their stories of how they have had a miraculous change in their lives. They want to tell how Jesus Christ can help you overcome your circumstances and fulfill the promises He has for your future. We are here to help our listeners cope with the desperate times we live in, here in our community and all over the world. To help them see that there is another way to make their lives more satisfying. To  understand our Lord Jesus Christ and how He can help them in their time of need. That is what we are here to do, on His behalf.

About Us

Judy Omundsen:  I have been a missionary in India and in other parts of the world as well as in New Zealand. I am retired, but have continued to work in love.

Kay Allen: I continue to work as Pastor at Soulway Church. My love and dedication are in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ, in helping people to trust and love Him.

Hannah Black-Ceglaric: I was previously Youth Pastor for Potters House and Pastor for The Church of Faith, Mahia, but have been retired for some years now. I am currently the Financial Administrator for St. James.