Cobblestones Chronicles

Cobblestones Chronicles
  • Presenter(s):
    Janette Wallace Gedge
  • Show Times:
    Thursdays 12noon

Cobblestones Chronicles

Programme Information

Cobblestones Chronicles features stories and articles from the wonderful collection at Cobblestones Museum and Early Settlers’ Village to bring history alive. The foundations were laid in the 1970s by the Greytown Jaycee Chapter, and it has continued to develop, giving visitors insight into, and a feel for, the early days of the Wairarapa. It is a village within a village showing how our forefathers lived. Within the museum are many stories. The programmes give more of the details behind the collection and the people who built the Wairarapa. We give a little taste of music from early times, stories behind the pieces from the collection and celebrate our rich heritage. There’s lots going on at Cobblestones that we can tell you about, including plans for further developments and new events. So tune in to hear all about it.

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About Me

The presenter: Janette Wallace Gedge is a trustee of Cobblestones who is passionate about sharing history and stories of early times. She came to NZ in 1983 and greatly admires the courage it took the many different groups of people who have come here over many centuries in a much more difficult way than stepping onto an airplane. 

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