Isolation Blues

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Not just a wallow in the deep blue of our shared isolation, but a chance to celebrate community and the marvellous resilience of our species. When resources allow, I’ll pop into the studio, sometimes joined by a fellow quarantiny to offer support, advice, entertainment and weirdness. Don’t worry, I’ll be physically isolated, but my guests will either phone in or connect through our remote video link so that our viewers can see who’s calling and whether they’ve done the dishes yet or shaved or decided that makeup is just too much fuss. Some of our regular programme makers will take the opportunity to reconnect with their communities, and in many cases this will be a crucial service. So, although we are living apart, we are all together in this. Waiho I te toipoto, kaua I te toiroa.

About Me

It’s not about me, but I’m Michael, the station manager at Arrow FM. Guests will include whoever I kidnap on the day and as a special treat we may hook up with other access stations and connect with the wider community.


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