• Presenter(s):
    Camille Watkins
  • Show Times:
    Fridays at 9am

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RAM is proudly sponsored by Masterton Trust House.

Masterton Trust House


Programme Information

Mostly this is about making sure that you are well-informed about everything that’s going on in our Wairarapa over the next 7 days. But there may be a guest or a featured event that will take up a large chunk of the programme and your host will have to talk really quickly to fit everything in. 

About Me

A proud Masterton skateboarder girl from the ‘80s. I did spend quite a number of years away from the Wairarapa  but I’m back! I’m embracing turning 50 and living with my partner Scott, who is cricket obsessed. I’m a mother of 3 adult sons, two dogs and two cats, I like cooking and baking and am a bit of a kitchen whizz. I’ve spent the last 10 years on a journey of self discovery and recovery, overcoming addiction and learning to live with ADHD. I am community minded, especially around helping others in addiction.

My interest in broadcasting goes back many years. I used to present a show on Arrow FM quite a number of years ago, and went on to study at the NZ Radio Training School at the Whitirea campus. I have a passion for interviewing people and helping bring their stories to life.

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