• Presenter(s):
    Michael Wilson
  • Show Times:
    Thursdays 2.30pm & Repeated Fridays at 7.30am

Programme Sponsor

RAM is proudly sponsored by Masterton Trust House.

Masterton Trust House


Programme Information

Mostly this is about making sure that you are well-informed about everything that’s going on in our Wairarapa over the next 7 days. But there may be a guest or a featured event that will take up a large chunk of the programme and your host will have to talk really quickly to fit everything in. And because the host’s brain is an increasingly mysterious organ, we may occasionally hurtle in the wrong direction up a one-way street or struggle to remember what day it is (it’ll be Friday, mostly). Hence the programme name – Random Access Memory.

About Me

Failing memory (see above) has clouded the details of your host’s upbringing, but a remote hillside in Whakatane and a hospitable family of possums waver at the edges of his consciousness. As the photograph shows, he has kept his head inside a shopping bag for the last decade to avoid further cranial leakage.

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