Ageing with Attitude

Ageing with Attitude
  • Presenter(s):
    Anthony Aporo and Susan Esler
  • Show Times:
    Third and fourth Monday of each month at 8.00am
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Ageing with Attitude

Programme Information

We want to build awareness in the community around Elder Abuse. Like all domestic violence issues, it is mostly an unspoken phenomenon. Bring it from the darkness into the light. In NZ it is believed that 10% of people over 65 experience some type of abuse. However only 1 in 14 cases (7%) are dealt with by agencies that can help.  We promote Ageing with Attitude: we are never too old.

Themes discussed on the programme:

  • What types of Elder Abuse there are
  • Dementia
  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Bowel Cancer

Age Concern New Zealand work is based on:

Dignity - To respect the dignity and uniqueness of every person as an individual and as a valuable member of society.

Well-being - To ensure that older people are given the opportunities to achieve physical comfort, engage in satisfying activities and personal development, and to feel valued and supported.

Equity - To ensure that older people have an equal opportunity to achieve wellbeing by directing resources to help those disadvantaged or in greatest need.

Cultural respect - To respect the values and social structures of Māori and people of other cultural and ethnic backgrounds, demonstrating respect by working together to gain mutual understanding.

About Us

Ko Okurupatu te maunga

Ruamahanga te awa

Kurahaupo me Takitimu nga waka

Nga Tau E Waru raua ko Titirangi nga tipuna whare

Ko Papu raua ko Dawn Aporo nga matua

Ko Anthony Aporo ahau.

My passion is whanau and I believe that kuia and koroua have an important role to play in the whanau. A quote a have read is “when you have an older person in the home, you have a treasure.

Kia ora

Ko Susan Esler ahau       

I was born and bred in this amazing Wairarapa. I joined the Age Concern team February 2021. What I liked about the role was the opportunity to educate our community about the importance of valuing our elders. And, on the flip side of that supporting Seniors’ Empowerment.         

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