• Presenter(s):
    Abby Hollingsworth
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    Fridays 1.00pm and repeated on Monday at 9.00pm
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Programme Information

Come sit with Abby weekly, as she explores the world of parenting with all its highs and lows it has to offer. Often as parents we find ourselves saying “I wish someone had told me that.” Well, here is a space where hopefully that can happen for you. This show will focus on topics such as wellbeing for parents individually and together, mental, physically, emotionally and with community, tips on how to cope with family life when you are under pressure and stress, ideas on how to overcome those challenging phases our kiddies seem to always be in, celebrating the beautiful aspects of family life and anything else that comes to Abby’s mind.

About me

Abby is a local of Masterton who is married with three beautiful children. She walked a difficult journey of perinatal depression and anxiety and now works to share the lessons she has learnt with the community around her. Abby is currently the director of a local charity, The Ruth Project, which was established in Oct 2019 and works to support parents struggling with perinatal mental distress in-between their health care appointments.

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