We Are One

We Are One
  • Presenter(s):
    Mustenser Qamar and Tashriq Hanif
  • Show Times:
    Saturdays at 11.00am and repeated on Tuesday at 9.00pm
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  • Contact:
  • Phone: 0800 9 47526

We Are One

Programme Information

'We Are One' - a powerful statement popularised after the horrific Christchurch Mosque attacks in 2019 - is a message which we need to be reminded of, due to the increasing diversity in our society. 

Join us as we explore a range of different topics  from the journey of former refugees, to faith and how we can truly ensure a peaceful society despite differences in race, colour, religion and politics. 

About Us

We belong to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, a persecuted revival movement within Islam. As Muslims who believe in the Promised Messiah of the latter days, we’re firmly of the belief that true Islam is a religion of peace. For many years we’ve been spearheading campaigns of understanding and friendship like our nationwide ‘Meet a Muslim’ campaign. We strive to live by our motto of ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’. 

With Masterton being designated a new settlement location for former refugees, we’re fortunate that members of our community are able to call Wairarapa their new home.

Mustenser Qamar (@MustenserAQamar), an Imam of the community, will be joined by his co-host, Tashriq Hanif, as well as others from the community on this live weekly programme. 

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