• Presenter(s):
    Jodeci Apiata
  • Show Times:
    First Wednesday of each month at 8am


Programme Information

Join Jodeci as he sets the week’s agenda. He’ll cover the latest news. Talking views with interviews he could also be talking to you. Discussion is important and so is opinion and there'll be plenty of that. Did somebody say music? There will be a good line up of music to start your Wednesday in style. Are you in a car? Listening from afar? Wherever you are, tune in and listen to The Roundup. 

About Me

Jodeci was locally born and raised in Masterton. In the summertime if he’s not home he’ll probably be down at the drag strip. Though in the winter 90% chance he’ll be home. Jodeci is an old soul for his age - Growing up with his grandparents he knows most of the classic hits.  His hobbies include - Drag Racing, biking, politics and sports - though nowadays he prefers watching. He is very open minded and enjoys a good chat. 

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