The Yoga Snug Nidra Nest

Programme Information

This is a weekly show of yoga nidra recordings. Yoga nidra is an effortless form of meditation, where you simply lie down and listen. As you listen your brain moves in and out of sleeping and waking states which creates a feeling of deep rest and rejuvenation. This is perfect for anyone who would like to meditate but finds it difficult to concentrate or sit still. It is also good for anyone who is exhausted (parents of young children, overworked people, women going through menopause, insomniacs, long covid and chronic fatigue - pretty much everyone!)

About Me

Kia ora, my name is Odette and I'm a yoga teacher and yoga therapist based in Carterton. I've been teaching yoga for 21 years in various places around the world but I am now very happily settled here in our wild and woolly organic garden with bees, chooks and ducks. I believe that it is possible for everyone to do yoga - you don't have to do bendy or stretchy stuff. Yoga nidra is possibly the most accessible yoga of all as you don't need to move, and you don't even need to concentrate and yet it can still be very effective. For that reason please don't listen to my programme when you are driving! If you would like to find out more about yoga that everyone can do then you will find me at