SWVets operate on Climate Crisis

SWVets operate on Climate Crisis

SWVets operate on Climate Crisis

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We are already seeing the effects of the Climate Crisis with extreme weather events and warming climate. Whilst the Science behind and evidence of Climate Change has been unequivocal for decades, the message from the scientific community is not translating into serious action by the wider community. The world is not on track to avoid runaway climate change and an unliveable planet. Governments, even with their aspirational goals, are not doing enough. Businesses and Individuals need to step up now to reduce our own emissions, encourage others to do the same and put pressure on governments to do more. 

A brief review of widely available Climate change science leaves no doubt that we are running out of time to make any significant impact on Climate Change. Many people are concerned but don’t know what to do. We present what we are doing as a business to reduce our carbon footprint and prepare for the challenges ahead. 

We have found our climate change initiatives build team spirit and have a strongly positive effect on mental health. Many of the initiatives improve business efficiency and reduce costs. Connections made with other people and businesses on a similar journey are helping us to accelerate change for good and build a resilient community, we hope listeners will engage with us in positive Climate Crisis Action.


About Us

Jane Ough is a senior Companion Animal Veterinarian at South Wairarapa Veterinary Services. She graduated BVSc at Massey in 1982. She enjoys orthopaedic surgery, especially mending broken farm dogs. Jane became concerned about climate change when her two daughters were children. She gained a diploma in Environment and Sustainability through the Open Polytech in 2010. Jane and her partner Jeremy have retired two-thirds of their small farm and covenanted it with the Queen Elizabeth II Trust to protect it in perpetuity.

Working one day a week for QE2 for 2 years improved her understanding of native forest regeneration. She now spends this day a week on her own covenant, working with the local catchment group she helped set up and helping South Wairarapa Veterinary Services take Climate Crisis Action and run a more sustainable business. 

Richard Kirton: Owner, Small Animal Veterinarian

As a vet I enjoy:

  • Farm dog work
  • Emergency cases
  • Nutrition and obesity
  • Challenging cases where I pride myself on working with the owner to get the best outcome possible for them and their pet.

My passion within work is mental health, both my own and helping colleagues survive and thrive in a challenging profession. Hobbies outside work: battling to stay fit, golf, kids' sport.