Turn The Page

Turn The Page
  • Presenter(s):
    Mark Pacey
  • Show Times:
    Mondays at 9.00am

Turn The Page

Programme Information

As we turn the pages of our history, we can always go back to an earlier chapter to see where we have come from.

Join me each Monday as we tell some of these stories. They will make us laugh and they will make us cry, and what we learn from them will enrich our lives.

Heroes and villains, rogues and rascals, soldiers and civilians, every one of them deserves to have their tales told.

In each episode we will tell two stories, play two pieces of appropriate music and of course, like Wreck and Roll, regale you at the end of each show with a puntastically brilliant piece of humour.

Like sand through the hourglass, these are the stories of our lives

Go to the Wairarapa Archive website https://library.mstn.govt.nz/archive/
And to my website www.gosson.co.nz for more information

About Me

The presenter: Mark Pacey works at the Wairarapa Archive and has a degree with a double major in history and defence studies from Massey University. He is the author of five books, with several more in the pipeline, the next expected to be published shortly. He has had an interest in maritime history and shipwrecks since reading Robert Ballard’s the Discovery of the Titanic when he was a child. Please feel free to drop by the Archive during our open hours to find out more.

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