Youth Motuoru

Youth Motuoru
  • Presenter(s):
    Donna Lang and Zoey Carlton
  • Show Times:
    Wednesdays 4.00pm
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Youth Motuoru

Programme Information

Our amazing youth group meets weekly to play games, eat food, bake and cook, go out on exciting adventures and more! The more includes fronting this radio programme to showcase their talents and the mahi of Motuoru Development Services to challenge, develop and excite our rangatahi. Motuoru is all about bringing those smiles onto people’s faces! And yes, smiles can be heard on the radio. Oh right, it's on Wairarapa Television too.

About Us

We alternate programmes hosted by our youth with shows from their adult educators. Your hosts may vary from week to week, but the energy is a consistent factor.

We offer professional development, education, supervision and mentoring. 

Motuoru Development Services has a mission to ensure our clients flourish, no matter the environment. We do this by helping them find their AHA! moments. 


Video / TV

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