When The Room Goes Quiet

When The Room Goes Quiet
  • Presenter(s):
    Tania Wehi
  • Show Times:
    Tuesdays 2pm

When The Room Goes Quiet

Programme Information

This programme is about Women. Those untouched topics, the uncharted territory, the "I can't talk about that" topics. It's a programme that focuses on women's testimonial of a time when she walked through a season and came through changed.

This is about you, the you that wants to celebrate the end of a winter and start of a new summer.

About Me

I am a Woman after Gods heart. I am a wife, a Mum to 5 children, a grandmother to 5 little darlings. My professional career has involved working with all ages, supporting youth and families in their homes and communities. I believe prayer is powerful, and am a witness to many miracles.

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