Friday Night Blues

Friday Night Blues

Friday Night Blues

Programme Information

The Friday Night Blues Show is a trip through the wonderful world of the blues. Blues music comes in many styles and can be happy or sad, slow or fast, loud or soft.  I cover all these on each programme through a wide range of artists, so you can't guess what's coming up - often I don't know as well!

My aim is to get listeners interested in the blues or allow aficionados access to music that is not really broadcast through commercial radio. The real buzz I get out of this show is that I can let others enjoy my music, stir their interest in the songs and the stories behind them… and get hooked on the blues!

About Me

Hello, I'm Dave Sinton. I have been presenting the Friday Night Blues Show since 2000 and still really enjoy it. Originally from Auckland, I moved around a fair bit with my previous job but my wife Elaine and I have been living in the Wairarapa since 1994. We have a lifestyle block just out of town and thoroughly enjoy this magic part of NZ. My interest in the blues stems from growing up in the 60's and being curious about what inspired the Rhythm and Blues groups of the time. This has become a passion, and I've spent decades building up my knowledge and collection.

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