Avant Gardening

Avant Gardening
  • Presenter(s):
    Margaret Crawford ,Anna-Marie Kingsley and Marnie Rutherford
  • Show Times:
    Tuesdays at 12noon

Avant Gardening

Programme Information

This programme aims to fill the gap relating to the topic of gardening between science based advanced gardening techniques and very basic gardening programs. We therefore aim to fill this gap with an informative and slightly humorous analysis of all the various garden paradigms out here, compare theories and how they can practically be of use to listener’s individual properties. Some of the theories we will be looking at will be Permaculture, Organics, Hugalkulkture, Straw bale gardening, No dig gardening and many more. We will look at each concept and discuss the origins and how the theory can be implemented taking into account the good and bad issues related in the New Zealand and particularly the Wairarapa context.

About me

Our presenters are Margaret Crawford, Anna-Marie Kingsley and Marnie Rutherford who previously presented a year-long programme of lifestyle living, “Living the Good Life”. We all have a deep interest in looking to the future of gardening in a changing and challenging environment where we will be faced with the effects of climate change.