Te Aratika

Te Aratika
  • Presenter(s):
    Shannon Martin
  • Show Times:
    Wednesdays at 10am

Te Aratika

Programme Information

This is about Shan’s journey and yours. A shared journey towards wellbeing. This show deals with addiction and suicide awareness, struggles and success. It is rooted in kaupapa Māori, tikanga and tane ora. Shan shares his own journey and brings in guests from our hāpori, to learn from their stories. 

About Me

Ko Shannon au. Born in The Block and raised at Tiki Village out by Te Ore Ore Marae. My marae are Te Ore Ore, Tumapuhia a Rangi, and Hurunui O Rangi. I whakapapa back to my great great grandfather Retimana Te Kootahi Rau and to Ihaia Whakamairu , my great grandfather. My grandmother is Pani Morris. I have navigated my way out of 30 years of addiction and being a gang member, and now I am on a beautiful journey. 

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