The Humaning Podcast

The Humaning Podcast

The Humaning Podcast

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The Humaning Podcast explores what it means to be fully human, and how we can work WITH our nature – rather than struggling against ourselves – so we can get where we want to in life while loving the journey.

We dive into psychology, mindset, strategies, practices, energetics and working theories around how we can love our lives, love ourselves and love the journey. The Humaning podcast is equal parts deep and unapologetically light-hearted, because life is serious enough without having to act like it all the time.

About Me

Michaela Lloyd is an eternal student of Life who, from a young age, has been asking the big questions. Who are we? Why are we here? What’s life all about? And is there meaning behind this mess?

In her 20s it led her to get an Honours degree in Psychology, read hundreds of personal development books, leave open thousands of Tabs of her laptop, go down many spiritual rabbit-holes and, eventually, become a life coach.

Now in her mid-30s, having grounded into a life of motherhood, partnership and deep self-acceptance, she wants to share her [often hard-earned] learnings, wonderings, experiences and some lovely ideas in the hope that it will help you understand yourself, love yourself and love this crazy journey a little bit more.