Well Well Well

Well Well Well
  • Presenter(s):
    Mike Thomson
  • Show Times:
    Wednesdays at 3pm

Well Well Well

Programme Information

Talking all things WellBeing, with a DIY approach to self improvement. Tackling all topics from managing our own physical|mental health, how we’re relating with others, to what supports are available in our local community. 

If you’re on well being journey or wishing to start one, tune in to hear helpful tips and tools that we can imlement into our everyday lives. Lets find out who is doing what and how it could help you.
It’s all about helping others along the way, finding the connections with people who can support your journey and tap into local resources that encourge positive well being.

About Me

My background and interests span; teaching PE & Health, playing/coaching sport, being in the outdoors, gym instruction/personal training/team fitness trainer, social support work, life coaching, personal growth.

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