Energise Yourself

Energise Yourself
  • Presenter(s):
    Alex Donovan Terris
  • Show Times:
    Tuesdays at 11am

Energise Yourself

Programme Information

The focus of this show is to join with local expertise to communicate to the Wairarapa Community ideas 💡, insights and data covering our health & wellbeing from fitness ideas & designing the best programs to advice on nutrition, injury recovery and all parts around and in between those subjects. Each session will concentrate on a different aspect of our wellbeing with a purpose to assist folks to  take action and get mobile remembering everybody can move something and movement creates ENERGY.

About Me

As a husband, father & grand father I’ve spent 60 years of my working life being active in and around life’s necessary commitments. Now at 78 years of age I find myself looking ahead 10 years and wondering what goals need to be set to get me to 88 in good shape and enjoying life.

I hold a Diploma in Recreation and Sport and am a 7th Dan Kyokushin Karate Instructor, still active and teaching classes in Carterton. Now that my 9 to 5 commitments are over there is still much I feel I can contribute and this show is part of this so tune in on Tuesdays at 11am and maybe pick up some ideas on how to energise yourself.

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