Samoan Community Radio

Samoan Community Radio
  • Presenter(s):
    Oka Lagolago
  • Show Times:
    Fridays at 4pm and repeated on Wednesdays 8pm

Programme Sponsor

Samoan Community Radio is proudly sponsored by Juken New Zealand Ltd.

Juken New Zealand Ltd

Samoan Community Radio

Programme Information

Smooth sounds of Samoa, local guests, news and information. A mix of music, community news, singing and talking, with topics focussed on the local and wider Samoan community. This is also an opportunity to share our language with listeners (and viewers on Wairarapa Television). When hosting the evening it’s like sitting around in the Meeting House (Falefono) chatting about what’s happening in the community and globally, and also playing some sweet sounds of Samoa, which brings our people to reminisce about their homeland…..

About Us

Samoan Community Radio continues the legacy of Tuifao Lologa, who presented Pasefika for many years on Arrow FM. The Pasefika radio programme came from an idea at JNL, where many of our people worked, and became a great opportunity for giving back to the island community. JNL continues this sponsorship for Samoan Community Radio  which is now presented by me, Oka Lagolago, representing the Samoan communities of the Wairarapa.


Video / TV

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