MMP - Move Mingle and Play

MMP - Move Mingle and Play
  • Presenter(s):
    Rob Maunsell
  • Show Times:
    Thursdays at 8am & Fridays at 6.00pm (R)
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Programme Sponsor

MMP - Move Mingle and Play is proudly sponsored by Masterton Trust House.

Masterton Trust House

MMP - Move Mingle and Play

Programme Information

A current events programme, featuring information about community activities, shows and performances. Rob lets you know some of what is going on locally, hosts a variety of interesting guests and plays songs to enliven the morning. Contributing to this weekly live radio show is an extension of Rob’s commitment to participate constructively in the community. It’s also an opportunity to share his sense of connection with those many others who make events happen in the Wairarapa, a place where rural elements go hand in hand with a small-town atmosphere and the urban opportunities of Wellington and the Kapiti Coast.

About Me

Rob is a native born Mastertonian, who has returned after training to be a doctor at Otago University Medical School and Wellington Hospital. He has worked as a GP in Napier and the UK, and has continued to exert his medical powers in Masterton since 2004. He has taken on a share of the responsibilities at Masterton Medical, and settled into the lifestyle offered by one of the most beautiful towns in New Zealand.

His interests outside of professional life include taking care of a lovely old home where there is room for family, friends and visiting musicians and artists, playing in a folk rock band, composing songs and as often as possible getting out to move mingle or play. He enjoys tennis, golf, skiing and cycling.

Rob is passionate about his involvement with performance music and is indebted to his wife Susan for her understanding of this dimension to his life. They enjoy gardening together, going to other peoples’ shows and driving away to interesting places in their campervan.

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