Wheels On Fire

Wheels On Fire
  • Presenter(s):
    Mathew Wills
  • Show Times:
    Wednesdays 9am and repeated Saturday 12noon
  • Contact:
  • Phone: 0274 209 825

Programme Sponsor

Wheels On Fire is proudly sponsored by The Norwood Cerebral Palsy Trust.

Wheels On Fire

Programme Information

Wheels on Fire is produced and presented by the ubiquitous Matt Wills. Matt shares his own experiences and knowledge to help change attitudes towards people who live with a disability, to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by anyone with a health or disability issue, and to highlight the joys and achievements of those same people. He also conducts interviews demonstrating the rich diversity of talents and intellects among the local disability communities, encouraging his guests to discuss their lives, needs, hopes and dreams. If you wish to share your personal experiences, or you are a health professional working in this area, feel free to contact Matt and join him on the show.

About Me

Hi. I’m Matt, the man with the wheels. I have been presenting Wheels on Fire with Arrow FM since 2002.  I have had a few wheel-changes over that time, and a few retreads to keep up the forward momentum.

I have Cerebral Palsy, but have never let it define me or slow me down. I am hugely passionate about Disability Issues, and for as long as I can recall, I always wanted to work in the media, so Wheels on Fire Allows me to realise a lifelong dream.

Out of the studio I love my Sport, especially rugby and cricket; play boccia. My long associations with both CCS Disability Action and Like Minds Like Mine make me a strong advocate for reducing stigma and discrimination towards the disability community.

I believe that with appropriate support, people with disabilities can lead full and active lives. I continue to be empowered and inspired, bringing their stories to the airwaves. After all, attitude is everything.