Canal Espanol

Canal Espanol
  • Presenter(s):
    Veronika Beall and Astrid Rung
  • Show Times:
    Saturdays at 9.30am and repeated Sundays at 11pm
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Canal Espanol

Programme Information

Canal Español Show is produced and presented by Veronika and Astrid  Spanish and Argentinian immigrants who are now living in the Wairarapa.The programme features the festivals and special events in the Spanish and Argentinian calendar, so that we can keep our audience in tune with what’s happening in the artistic and cultural life of our home countries. We hope this will also be of interest to non-Spanish listeners. Each week we try to focus on one event or artist or place in Spain or Argentina.

About Us

Hola. I am Veronika. I’m half Spanish half German. I work at Arrow Fm as Assistant Manager. I grew up in the south of Spain and always loved listening to flamenco music. This is a great opportunity to share this passion of mine with the wider Wairarapa. Gracias

Hola tambien. I am Astrid, Argentinian co-hosts bringing a South American perspective to the programme, and of course the unique cultural viewpoint of the pre-lingual.