The Book Lovers Corner

The Book Lovers Corner
  • Presenter(s):
    Valda, Sue, Gareth and Julie
  • Show Times:
    4th Tuesday of month 3.30 – 4.30pm
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Programme Sponsor

The Book Lovers Corner is proudly sponsored by Almo Books.

Almo Books

The Book Lovers Corner

Programme Information

The Book Lovers Corner is an idea that has sprung out of a group of like-minded friends’ discussions on books they were reading or had read. They wanted to share their love for reading and passion for books They developed a programme which aims to feature book reviews and updates on what is going on in the reading community both here in the Wairarapa and generally. They hope to inform, stimulate, and open doors to new discoveries and old favourites.

“A book is a device to ignite the imagination.” - Alan Bennett

“We read to know we are not alone” from the film Shadowlands

The programme is sponsored by Steve and Sue Laurence of Almo’s Book in Carterton, who are lovers of books and have a wealth of information on the literary world and books.

Between each session the reviewers undertake much reading, as well as visits to local libraries and bookstores, and collect information on what is going on in the reading world in the form of festivals and book-related events locally, nationally and internationally.

The books reviewed are available in local libraries, or can be purchased through book stores such as Almos, so listeners can easily obtain any book reviewed on the programme.

There will be no one genre of books to be reviewed but rather an eclectic range which should meet most people’s tastes. We aim for each programme to be one to remember and leave the listener with new ideas or perhaps evoke old reads.

About Us

The Reviewers. Our current lineup has changed from the original, although all have been contributors previously.We all live in the Wairarapa, having moved from elsewhere. All started reading at an early age and have embraced the newer technological presentations of books but secretly love the feel of a book held in the hand.

Valda Kirkwood is passionate about people, places and ideas. She rides her pedal-assist bike around Carterton, gardens, loves travel, enjoys the flow of visitors through her home, and reads avidly.  Sue Laurence walks her dog Holly around Carterton, works in Almo’s Books three days a week and all is right in her world if she is reading at least one good book. Gareth Rapson likes reading, art, travel and walking his dog Inki. He lives in Greytown and loves the people, pace and potential of the Wairarapa. Occasional contributor Julie Crosland moved to Carterton from Wellington more recently and loves living in busy, vibrant Carterton. She enjoys riding her bike, gardening, attending the Menzshed and doing other creative pursuits. She is delighted that retirement will afford her more time for reading.

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