Funding Bodies

Your Community Access Radio Station enjoys considerable financial support from a number of funding bodies. We are grateful that these organisations recognise the value of the service we provide to the community, and we acknowledge their generosity here.


Principal Funder

You, the people of New Zealand, have placed considerable importance on granting broadcasting access to all cultures, minorities and disadvantaged groups and individuals within our society; to the extent that this has been expressed in broadcasting law. Government ensures that a reasonable portion of the costs of providing this service is met from the public purse, and New Zealand On Air is charged with administering this allocation on behalf of the taxpayer (aka YOU). We are grateful also for the pastoral care the staff of NZ On Air extends to us, including useful workshops, advice, and assistance with managing new technologies. Thank you, New Zealand On Air.


Major Funder

Our commitment to providing services to all parts of our region has led to the appointment of a Southern Area Coordinator, ensuring a healthy expansion in the districts south of Masterton. This position has been funded entirely by The Lottery Grants Board. We are grateful to them for ensuring that current and potential programme makers living at some distance from our Masterton base are not disadvantaged by their remote location.


Grant Bodies

The following charitable organisations have responded positively to our frequent applications for extra funding. In many cases this has been to assist with the purchase of vital equipment or to fund initiatives and projects that we undertake in the community. Often, funds have been granted to assist with ongoing operational expenses. Thank you to all our contributing funders.